Why Raggy Rose?

So why Raggy Rose?

'I want to write a children's rhyming book... any ideas?' I asked my daughter Lottie.  She's a good person to ask, being mum to Marnie (2) who absolutely loves books!  (She's also mum to Polly - 2 months - who will have no choice but to love books as Marnie is already 'reading' them to her!)

'You need some good characters, with good character traits, that little children will like'.

Good advice... so I started thinking.  I considered animals but you get into all sorts of 'would they live with them/wouldn't they be prey?' type scenarios!  I considered dinosaurs as Marnie currently has a penchant for them but couldn't see them as soft and cuddly!  I thought about the limits of my drawing skills and decided I needed something simple, something childlike... toys!

Raggy Rose came first, a nice friendly basic rag doll.  Where did her name come from?  I know you're wanting to hear that my first doll was called Rose, that my dearest aunty whom I loved with all my heart was called Rose or that I left a precious doll called Rose on the bus when I was three... sadly none of the above - Rose is just a particularly good rhyming word!  Nose, goes, throws, grows, toes...need I say more?!

 And where did her friends come from?  Well, I started the rhyme and they sort of evolved.  Baa Baa  was first and he does have a basis in reality as Marnie has a much loved toy sheep at my house.

Wheelie-corn was born out of the current popularity for unicorns but I wanted him to be a bit different, hence the wheels.  Tick Tock, the wind up penguin with a clock face tummy, just seemed right and gives lots of potential for colours/numbers/telling the time. 

Rainbow, the multi-coloured hedgehog, came about as I envisioned someone struggling with being a bit different and Bertrand, the smart but starchy old bear, because every good story needs someone a little snobby and bossy!

The toy soldier had to be Sam as my nephew Sam has recently enlisted but sadly wears dull fatigues unlike my smart bearskin hatted chap!

Lastly Fluff... I wanted someone shy and a spider seemed an amusing option, Plus I realised that I'd created some quite complex characters to draw and he is so simple!!!  And, guess what... he is Marnie's favourite!


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