No time to twiddle thumbs...

As I've just submitted samples, there'll be no waiting around twiddling my thumbs this time.  The initial concept allows for another five stories but already the thought of Christmas, a day at the beach/the farm/the zoo and so on open up endless possibilities.

So, between my part-time but demanding job and helping to look after the family,  I continue to write and draw.

This week it's been all about Tick Tock.  'What adventure would a wind-up penguin have?' I ask my husband.  He's a great sounding board and also a handy model - how else would I have managed to create Bertrand's 'wise old bear frown'?!

'What can you see him doing?'

'Helping everyone know the time... learning colours, shapes and numbers... keeping a steady beat... his squeaky ball feet look fun...'  Then I realised Tick Tock didn't need an actual 'story'.

He's no ordinary penguin is clever old Tick Tock
In the middle of his tummy he has a useful clock
On his back he has a handle that Sam winds up each day
So Tick Tock can tell all the toys when to sleep and eat and play...

So, Tick Tock's poem and illustrations came together, ending up just being about his interaction with his toy shelf friends. plus a few different characters as well.


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