The first rhyme

So, once I had the characters it was time to create the stories.  I knew that I wanted them to be completely in rhyme as it's a skill that not everyone possesses and will hopefully make them fun to listen to (Marnie already thinks so!) plus a good selling point.

As I'd created such a distinctive group with character traits, relationships and a place to live, I decided to come up with a 'brand identity' rhyme to start all of my stories.  This blog will only have snippets of my work as I am hoping to be published one day but it seems only right to share the first rhyme...

Raggy Rose and her Toy Shelf Friends have many a story to tell
There’s Tick Tock Penguin and Baa Baa Sheep and Rainbow the Hedgehog as well
There’s Soldier Sam with his tall black hat, Bertrand Bear in his smart bow tie
Beautiful Wheelie-corn so full of life, spider Fluff who is terribly shy
Many adventures the friends have had that they’d love to share with you
So here’s the story of *insert story name* – they hope you enjoy it too


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